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03 March, 2023
Appreciating small churches

New study highlights unique gifts in small church cultures

27 February, 2023
Hommage aux petites églises

Une nouvelle étude met en lumière les dons uniques de la culture des petites églises

05 January, 2023
A place to flourish

Expert insights on healthy work culture for Christian workplaces

28 December, 2022
American endowment injects millions into Canadian theological education

Lilly Endowment Inc., founded in 1937 by the family behind the pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Company, is injecting millions of American dollars into theological education across North America.

23 December, 2022
Inclusion experts say diversity improves workplace health

An extended online sidebar from our Jan/Feb 2023 cover story.

22 December, 2022
Un lieu pour s’épanouir

Le point de vue d'experts sur une culture de travail saine pour les lieux de travail chrétiens.

08 November, 2022
Living in two worlds

Tim Perry reflects on the hope of the gospel at Christmas

07 November, 2022
Vivre dans deux mondes

Tim Perry réfléchit à l'espoir de l'Évangile à Noël.

06 November, 2022
The Church in vogue

Why some of us have a special set of clothes for church

05 November, 2022
A human Christian response to depression

Rod Wilson reflects on how to avoid secular and spiritual missteps

04 November, 2022
Une réponse humaine et chrétienne à la dépression

Rod Wilson réfléchit à la manière d'éviter les faux pas séculiers et spirituels

02 September, 2022
La rédemption du terme « évangélique »

Que faire d'une réputation inexacte? La rédactrice principale Patricia Paddey mène l'enquête dans notre nouvel article de couverture.

02 September, 2022
Redeeming "Evangelical"

What to do with an inaccurate reputation? Senior writer Patricia Paddey investigates in our new cover article.

01 September, 2022
Building housing and community

Churches and Christian groups are paying attention to the crisis in affordable housing in Canada and bringing ideas – and bricks and mortar – to the table