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10 December, 2023
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Nov/Dec 2023 features: Don't be afraid; The only woman in the room; Migrating across church traditions. A theology of singleness that isn't looking for its cure. Theologian Ephraim Radner on assisted dying

24 November, 2023
A third-day third-way people

The nations are crying out for a solution to a cascade of calamities. Dare we say this is a good news moment? Indeed it is, because of the Resurrection and the third way of the Kingdom of God.

24 November, 2023
Statement on former columnist John Stackhouse

He was one of our regular columnists from 1997 to 2003 and again from 2009 until May 2023, with occasional other freelance contributions along the way.

03 November, 2023
Faith Today turns 40: From magazine to conversation hub

Every ten years, we write a reflective blog about our magazine ministry. It’s such a blur if we don’t! Take a walk with us back through the third decade of Faith Today to reflect on what we have together.