2024 Jul - Aug

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30 September, 2024
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Jul/Aug 2024 features: Interrupted by astonishment; Immigrant churches imagine their futures; Congregations experiment with their calling; How to care for a grieving person; Ramping up food aid; and more

18 July, 2024
Providing farmworkers with bikes for reliable transport

Bikes for Farmworkers in Niagara-on-the-Lake collects, refurbishes, repairs and sells bikes to migrant workers so they have a means to travel and meet up with friends, etc.

18 July, 2024
Artwork by Shantel Miller. New media roundup

Song for Susie Epp; Made to Live: A Physician's Journey to Save Life; Contact: The Artistry of Jesus in Nine Faces; The City-Wide Church: Unity That God Blesses; and more

17 July, 2024
Harvest Hands grows

An abundance of surplus food delivered to Ontario charities