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30 August, 2022
Faith and mental health

Markku Kostamo reflects on finding a sanctuary in the Church

15 August, 2022
Companionship in grief

How we can bring grace to a bereaved person. Susie Colby shares her heartfelt thoughts about the journey of bereavement after her husband’s recent death from cancer.

11 July, 2022
Preaching now And then

What nine years of pulpitless existence has taught ex-pastor (and prof of pastoral theology) Mark Buchanan about preaching

06 July, 2022
How MAiD is transforming Canadian end-of-life care

And what we ought to do about it. Part 2 of a series by Patricia Paddey

04 July, 2022
Stella la superhéroïne

Et les tendances en matière de dons dans l'Église canadienne

04 July, 2022
Superhero Stella

And giving trends in the Canadian Church

29 April, 2022
Navigating medical assistance in dying

Our May/June cover story examines how the Church is encountering voluntary euthanasia. Part 1 of a series by Patricia Paddey

29 April, 2022
Naviguer dans l'aide médicale à mourir

L'article de couverture de notre numéro de mai/juin examine comment l'Église fait face à l'euthanasie volontaire

28 April, 2022
Pourquoi Jésus ne suffisait-il pas ?

Pour mettre fin aux abus, nous avons besoin de Jésus pour nous aider à faire face à notre humanité

28 April, 2022
Why wasn’t Jesus enough?

To end abuse we need Jesus to help us face our humanity

28 April, 2022
Hospitality for anyone

The pandemic has shown us it can be easy to be inviting

03 March, 2022
The life-cycle of worship songs

A new study suggests they’re sung today and gone tomorrow. Plus: Three Canadian worship leaders and musicians reflect on what it all means.

02 March, 2022
What we’ve learned from online worship

We’ve been doing this for a while. Let’s pause and take stock.