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04 August, 2023
Church supports newcomers turning hurt into healing

How a church in Orangeville, Ont., is using trauma training to equip their team to respond to people who suffer

30 July, 2023
Browse the Jul/Aug 2023 issue

Jul/Aug 2023 features: confession as a doorway to grace; why aren't Canadians listening to Christian leaders? moving out of the empty nest; how to use holy curiosity; interview with Daniel Whitehead of Sanctuary Menta...

06 July, 2023
Spring painting by Hoda Nicholas. New books roundup

"Every day I come across moments that intrigue me, and I feel the need to capture them on canvas and share them with everyone else."

04 July, 2023
La confession : Une porte vers la grâce

Lorsqu'une personne connaît notre honte et qu'elle nous aime et nous reçoit, la honte ne peut pas survivre, écrit Ken Shigematsu, pasteur et auteur de Vancouver.

04 July, 2023
How to use holy curiosity

How good are we at forgiving, rebuking, saying sorry and the like? Let’s reflect together in this new series.

04 July, 2023
Confession: A doorway to grace

When a person knows our shame, and then loves us and receives us, the shame can't survive, writes Vancouver pastor-author Ken Shigematsu.

04 July, 2023
Philosopher Calvin Seerveld on art and Bible translation

Three questions for philosopher and Institute for Christian Studies professor emeritus Calvin Seerveld