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25 April, 2024
Artwork by Bethany Kenyon. New media roundup

Christian Environmentalism and Human Responsibility in the 21st Century; Wounded Heart, Healed Spirit; Foster & Adoptive Parenting; and more

24 April, 2024
Des aperçus de la gloire

Le chemin d'Emmaüs nous rappelle que nous marchons par la foi et non par la vue

24 April, 2024
Glimpses of glory

The Emmaus road reminds us we walk by faith, not by sight. Aussi disponible en français.

24 April, 2024
Awards for Faith Today work from 2023

Join us in congratulating writers whose work has been judged excellent.

24 April, 2024
Religious freedom and religious diversity

Stewarding our freedom through civil discourse. Aussi disponible en français.

19 April, 2024
The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed and Happiness

An extended Reading the Bestsellers review of a 2020 book by Morgan Housel

19 April, 2024
Cap on international students hits Christian universities

A decision by the Canadian government to limit the number of international students coming to Canada to study is affecting many Christian colleges and universities. A report by John Longhurst, now updated after an int...

16 April, 2024
Learning from Jesus and the woman at the well

The way Jesus talked with the woman at the well shows us the steps of caring with sensitivity, creating safety and belonging, writes Ty Ragan of Calgary.

18 March, 2024
Prayer vigil for peace brings neighbours together

It was a powerful evening. Sure, there are all kinds of significant differences between the congregations represented at that vigil. But everyone believed that making a united statement for peace was important.

17 March, 2024
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Mar/Apr 2024 features: Disabusing the church; Challenges in Mid-East mission; Easter poems; Finding ministry after full-time employment; and more