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01 September, 2023
How to disagree in a healthy way

Disagreements can often lead to tension and conflict. But they don’t have to. Let’s explore another relationship skill in this new series.

01 September, 2023
Can we agree to disagree?

A conversation between Mark Buchanan and Gordon T. Smith about having difficult conversations

31 August, 2023
Painting by Lynn Vissers. New books roundup

Church Grammar; Revelation for the Rest of Us; Intergenerational Christian Formation; Intro to Early Church History; and more

26 August, 2023
Droits et responsabilités

Tracer une voie saine dans les eaux profondes du narcissisme

26 August, 2023
Rights and responsibilities

Charting a healthy course in the deep waters of narcissism

17 August, 2023
A Labour Day strategy

B.C. writer Cathy Mogus encourages us to spiritual reflection on our fall activity schedules

16 August, 2023
Jordan St. Cyr, by Jordan St. Cyr

An extended review of this full-length 2022 music recording

16 August, 2023
Hope Seeds, by Bev Foster

An extended review of this full-length 2023 music recording