Magazines 2022 Jul - Aug Small press roundup. Art by Christopher M. Cuthill.

Small press roundup. Art by Christopher M. Cuthill.

17 July 2022

Artwork by Christopher Cuthill; Books of interest about Pentecostal history, prayer in the life of Jesus, B.C. hipsters, the lamb in Revelation, and more.

Small press roundup

  • Canadian Pentecostal Reader: The First Generation of Pentecostal Voices in Canada, 1907–1925 edited by Martin W. Mittelstadt and Caleb H. Courtney (CPT Press, 2021). A 500-page collection of rare archival newsletters from Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Swift Current and Vancouver contextualized by the authors, including insight into the split between the Apostolic Church of Pentecost and The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.
  • The Silent Jesus: Learning From Our Lord’s Life of Prayer by Mike Wallbridge (Resource Publications, 2021). In a busy world full of need, poverty and sickness, Jesus walked in 1st-century Israel with apparent ease. He desires us to live in the same way. Much of the answer lies in His personal prayer life and relationship to the Father. First book from a Canadian missionary in Scotland.
  • Always Know: A Collection of Inspiring Words and Stories From See Hear Love Guests and Friends by Melinda Estabrooks (Word Alive, 2021). Fifty stories from a Canadian TV show and podcast for Christian women.
  • Christian Witness in Cascadian Soil: Coworkers with God in the Land of Hiking, Hipsters and Hand-Crafted Lattes edited by Ross A. Lockhart (Cascade, 2021). Essays from missional thinkers exploring both the pitfalls and possibilities of Christian witness in the post-Christendom soil of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Mennonite in Motion: The Life and Times of John H. Redekop PhD (Fraser River Books/Savvy Book Marketing, 2022). The autobiography of a Mennonite Brethren political science professor, activist and former president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.
  • God’s Revelation of the Lamb: King of the Kingdom by H. Dave Derkson (Word Alive, 2021). A retired pastor from Western Canada examines the symbol of the lamb in the last book of the Bible.
  • Seventy Times Seven by Doralyn Moore (Friesen Press, 2021). A directionless Toronto man meets a woman who recently fled her Mexican family. Both are lapsed Christians seeking forgiveness, courage and loving relationships with their families, God and maybe also each other.

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Canadian creatives

canadian creatives

"This work considers the tension of urban renewal with Isaiah 58:12 in mind: ‘Restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate, make the community livable again.’ Rusting factories along the four linear kilometres of industrial waterfront of Hamilton, Ont., recall an earlier time of steel production. Global outsourcing has since left idle and underutilized industrial sites (brownfields) that resist redevelopment because of environmental contamination."

just a northern industrial town (24″ × 24″, mixed media collage, 2018) by Christopher M. Cuthill


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