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15 May, 2019
Mercy before grace

Mercy reclaimed in an age of images and idols

01 April, 2019
The cost of conscience

A society that stops accommodating minorities hurts everyone

15 August, 2018
Liberalism and surrogacy

Should we allow the commercialization of surrogacy?

30 April, 2018
Whose values shape our society?

How respectful and inclusive will Canada be of different belief systems?

14 March, 2018
Making room in Health Care for minorities

An Ontario policy that requires doctors to violate their conscience is wrong and hurts our society

28 November, 2017
Is faith important in Canada?

More acknowledgement is needed in current public discourse

28 September, 2017
Church is not a private club

How should society recognize the uniqueness of religious freedom?

25 July, 2017
A birthday gift for Canada

What better than a fully engaged evangelical church?

23 March, 2017
Tolerance and respect

Two key principles that can help us live with our differences

27 January, 2017
Two dimensions of religious freedom

We strengthen society when we help religious agnostics realize they aren’t neutral