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28 October, 2021
UFOs, religions and the gospel

What should Christians know as the 1970s craze regains visibility?

14 June, 2021
New Apostolic Reformation

What to make of the booming legacy of Peter Wagner

23 November, 2020
Q&A about QAnon

What we need to know about this conspiracy theory

05 October, 2020
Believers beware

How well do we really understand conspiracy theories?

17 August, 2020
Qur'an history upheaval

New scholarship deflates Islamic claims about the Qur’an

07 May, 2020
The virus and world religions

Sincere reflection amid unprecedented closures, conspiracy theories

30 March, 2020
The Galli bombshell

Fallout from evangelical magazine’s editorial on Trump

16 January, 2020
Celebrity conversion

Is embracing religion just another way to make a splash?