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17 May, 2021
Evangelical higher education in a secular age

How Canada adapted and innovated for evangelical education

15 March, 2021
The secularization of universities

Have you ever noticed how many universities have Christian mottos?

08 February, 2021
Old Order Mennonites

Is there anything for Evangelicals to learn?

28 September, 2020
The apostle of Pictou, N.S.

Faithfully serving in an unexpected calling

24 August, 2020
Who is my neighbour?

Anti-Catholic prejudice in Canada

20 December, 2018
Winding roads

Mennonite pioneers on the Grand River

28 March, 2018
Mainline evangelicals

My one-hour commute from one Southern Ontario city to another takes me through several small towns. Each town has at least one United church and one Anglican church. In most parts of the country, you find the same thing.

29 January, 2018
Trading places

Is Canada more religious than the U.S.?

27 September, 2017
The Reformation in Canada

It has more to do with our history than we might think

19 July, 2017
Southern pilgrims

Canadian Mennonites in Latin America

28 June, 2017
Secularization in la Belle Province

What Happens In Quebec Does Not Stay In Quebec