Magazines 2023 Mar - Apr Writer Grace Fox on confidence and courage

Writer Grace Fox on confidence and courage

01 March 2023

Three questions for writer and International Messengers Canada codirector Grace Fox

You’ve published 13 books. Which is getting the most reaction these days and why?

Keeping Hope Alive: Devotions for Strength in the Storm, released last year (Tyndale House, 2022). I believe that’s because people are feeling battle weary from the pandemic, inflation, and personal losses and challenges. They’re looking for hope, and they’re finding it in this book’s reminders about God’s presence and promises.

Your website says you write and speak to help build Christ-based confidence. What does that mean?

Fear is a big deal even for believers. Many wrestle with fears of inadequacy, rejection and an unknown future. Confidence to face those fears comes from knowing Christ – His character, His teachings and His resurrection power that works in us. Knowing and walking in these truths gives us unshakable confidence to face whatever comes our way.

You were a missionary in Nepal and now you’ve lived on a sailboat in Vancouver for five years. I’m wondering about courage and if that’s also needed for writing?

Writing requires a great deal of courage. Every time I sit down to write – whether it be a blog, a book, a podcast episode or an assignment for First 5 – I struggle with the fear of failure. What if I don’t communicate biblical truth clearly or leave room for misunderstanding? Writers find courage in knowing the one who called them and trusting He will equip them.

Grace Fox is national codirector of International Messengers Canada, a ministry that offers creative short-term and career missionary opportunities in 31 countries.

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