2017 Nov - Dec

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31 December, 2017
2017 Nov/Dec Table of Contents - Vol 35 No 6

The Mystery of the Incarnation. Why God becoming fresh is the paramount teaching of the Christian faith

21 December, 2017
Reconciliation resources

Are you looking for ways to work towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians? Here’s the start of a Faith Today list of resources, compiled in conjunction with our special package of reconci...

18 December, 2017
Taking time for the cheeseball

Yesterday I whipped up a cheeseball — for when else do you have a cheeseball but at Christmas? — and we invited our neighbours and a few friends over for an impromptu gathering. We sang Christmas carols, quite badly f...

12 December, 2017
Confessions of a tech addict

Before I had my own iPhone, I judged harshly those pathetic, addicted people who always had their phones on, and on them. Always scrolling, fingers dashing from one app to another, sometimes barely looking up. Ch...