Who are Evangelicals? Maybe not who you think. With John G. Stackhouse Jr.

Do you ever wonder if, amidst controversy and a sometimes questionable reputation, we should just ditch the word 'Evangelical?' John G. Stackhouse, Jr. answers that question and more in this conversation. John is professor of religious studies at Crandall University in Moncton, a favourite and well read Faith Today columnist, and a scholar and author of many books, including the new Oxford University Press book Evangelicalism: A Very Short Introduction, which releases in July 2022.

Faith Today editor Bill Fledderus joins Karen Stiller in this conversation that ends on the high note of learning that Evangelicals are very funny people. In addition to listening to this podcast, you can also read a condensed transcript in either English or en français at FaithToday.ca.

Check out a sample chapter from the book here: www.johnstackhouse.com/evangelicalism