"What are you free to do because your dream died?"

​​We've all had a dream not come true, or experienced some kind of deep disappointment in life that stopped us in our tracks. You're at the right podcast. This episode, featuring Scott Erickson, author of Say Yes: Discover the surprising life beyond the death of a dream, is full of great advice, including something called ‘the wonder hack’ and a creepy but illuminating ‘death practice.'

Scott is the famous "Scott the Painter" of Instagram, an Austin-based performance artist and an author. He's also a husband, dad and a cat owner, and both his son and cat pop up in this podcast.

Holly Stiller joins host Karen in this conversation because it's always more fun to do cool things like find fresh answers to profound questions when you do it with your daughter.

Find out more about Scott Erickson here: https://www.scottericksonart.com/shows/say-yes-a-liturgy-of-not-giving-up-on-yourself

Find Scott and see his work on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/scottthepainter/