Seasons of Sorrow

In November of 2020, Toronto-based blogger and author Tim Challies and his wife Aileen received the call that is every parent's worst fear. Their 20-year old son Nick had died mysteriously and suddenly on a field at the seminary he attended in the States. 

Seasons of Sorrow: The Pain of Loss and the Comfort of God is a chronicle of Tim's journey of grief, healing and finding the meaning in the saddest of things. 

This was a hard conversation to have and to listen to, but Tim brings the hard-earned wisdom and insights of the bereaved that can help us make sense of what can feel impossible to understand. From his experience, we can also learn how to best help those who are experiencing grief. 

Tim has created study questions to go with the book:

There is also a letter of things to say to grieving parents that is so helpful:

And of course, read about the book here: