Inside investigations into spiritual abuse

We've heard about third-party investigators for abuse scandals in churches, seminaries and ministry organizations. Now we get to hear directly from two investigators about what happens during an investigation, how they carry out their work and why they feel called to do it.

Bob Stenhouse is CEO of Veritas Solutions. He brings years of policing experience to his role leading Veritas, which conducts approximately 200 workplace and human rights investigations each year. They also train companies on how to prevent abuse and respond well when it does occur. 

Randal Rauser is director of faith-based organization investigations with Veritas, and has been an associate investigator with Veritas since 2019. He is an author and systematic and analytic theologian who has served as a seminary professor (

Stenhouse and Rauser wrote the cover story Disabusing the Church (aussi disponible en français) in the Mar/Apr 2024 issue of Faith Today. A video version of this conversation is now available at